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MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ is the leading integration solutions provider for SOA, SaaS, and APIs. It provides full lifecycle API development/management, and enterprise integration platform as a service. Prodapt facilitates discovery, self-service, and reuse of APIs using MuleSoft, empowering businesses in the connectedness industry to deliver applications and projects faster.

Accelerate deliveries, automate security, achieve resiliency, and establish a future-proof foundation for your business operations. We offer unparalleled integration capabilities and simplify API design, testing, and reuse by building connectors for your specific business needs.

Service offerings 1/4

Advisory and Strategy

  1. Landscape assessment and formulation of roadmap in the digital transformation journey
  2. Defining the MVP and future rollouts to meet the organizational goals
  3. Center for Enablement (C4E)
Service offerings 2/4

Architecture,API design, implementation and platform delivery

  1. Formulation of the integration architecture and frameworks
  2. Development of foundation APIs and integration patterns
  3. API design and development
  4. MuleSoft platform setup and configuration
  5. Cloud, on-premise and hybrid hosting solutions
  6. CI/CD implementation for MuleSoft
Service offerings 3/4

Migration Services

  1. API services migration to MuleSoft
  2. MuleSoft runtime upgrades and consolidation
Service offerings 4/4

Managed Services

  1. MuleSoft API/microservices support and maintenance
  2. Platform administration
  3. L1- L3 Support (incident, problem and change management)
  4. Value added services like performance, scalability, and automation

MuleSoft Connectors

Prodapt leverages MuleSoft’s Anypoint connectors to enable connectivity and integration with SaaS, cloud, databases, and third-party APIs using standard protocols.

Experience faster turnaround times for customer requests, up to 5X acceleration in onboarding new businesses, and better customer experience. Prodapt helps you increase your agility, innovation, and revenue to thrive in the competitive landscape.

  1. 1.Aria
  2. 2. Matrixx
MuleSoft Connectors 1/2

This connector lets you connect to Aria's cloud-native billing and monetization platform.

It exposes convenient methods for taking full advantage of Aria capabilities, allowing you to access the Aria functional suite.

This connector is a powerful, feature-rich adaptor that facilitates the usage of the following features of the Aria system:

Customization of Aria implementation including the setup of tax engine and payment gateways

Controlling the Aria user interface based on user roles

Building product catalogs and synchronizing them with eCommerce and CRM platforms

Customer billing, and coupon, discount, and promotion managemen

Revenue analysis and reporting

This Anypoint connector targets Aria REST APIs to execute API calls and functions within MuleSoft applications by interacting with the Aria System through the REST API. It works within Mule Applications and every Aria API is mapped with its respective operation in Aria Connector.

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MuleSoft Connectors 2/2

This connector lets you connect to the Matrixx Digital Commerce charging and monetization platform.

The connector exposes convenient methods for taking the full advantage of Matrixx Digital Commerce's capabilities, allowing you to access the Matrixx Digital Commerce functional suite.

The Matrixx Digital Commerce connector contains 242 operations that allow the management of users, groups, subscriptions, offers, and devices.

This connector is a powerful, feature-rich adaptor that facilitates the usage of the following features of the Matrixx system:

Real-time, transactional system designed to support the growing volume and complexity of services requiring real-time processing more efficiently

Highly scalable real-time event-processing solution built on patented Parallel-MATRIXX™ and Algebraic-Decision technologies

Combines highly efficient, transactional event processing with highly flexible pricing, rating, policy, and aggregation engine

Performs transactional rating and charging for communications and media products and services, policy decision-making based on traffic-type criteria, and event aggregation for usage analysis

The connector executes API calls targeting Matrixx Connector REST API. All relevant request headers and error handling are abstracted and built into the connector.

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